Life Begins on 24

I think I’ve just reached a quarter-life crisis. They said life begins on 24. It was all just a splash of light. I’ll be 25 in 3 months, yet I stuck all day sit on my desk trying to figure out how things work. I got no boyfriend. I rarely go for a night out. I live in a very complex and conservatif neighborhood, some might call them bigots. I spend my pennies impulsively. I fake around just to make people shut the fuck up. I work on weekends. I’m tired. I only have a few friends to talk. I need holiday but that’s a long way to go. I’m sleepless. I have tried a lot of drugs to keep my brains work in the day. There’s a very thin line between work and home. I have a to keep my feet to stand on the ground, and yet I have no outside life. I kept thinking when all of this end.

On the bright side, I got this 9-to-9 job that I and everybody else always dreamt of. I’ve reached a level where the executive belongs to. I got my new shiny iMac 4K for free. I have the authority to tell people what to do. I’m not afraid of people anymore, I feel like I can control them.

So, what now?

I might just need to be grateful.

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