Good Team, Don’t Care.

Now I kinda know (a bit) how it feels like to be a mother. Still learning though, but God knows how I tried hard to make them feel equal as their other colleagues, to be respected by clients, to learn together, and to have fun together.

I trusted them with no expectation in return. I just want them to have self-esteem because we all have been through the hardest time and passed it. We’ve been improving. A lot.

And there are so much more coming in our way. I hope we could still be together and learn that way. 

Nobody can stop us anyway.

On Losing People in A Battle Within Myself

One of the hardest decision in my career is when I hired and said goodbye to these girls I really cared about.

There was these two people in my team.

One of them named Riyanti. She’s by far the toughest single-mom I knew. She had this terrible Vertigo disease that made her sometimes absence from work without any news because when the headache hit, she couldn’t even get up. Over a period of two months in my team, she did really terrible task and time management. Yet she was very loyal and didn’t mind to work overtime as she usually came late to the office in order to take care of her 3 children in the morning. I didn’t criticize her for it because I don’t wanna hurt her feelings. I hoped she’d figured it out and by making her feel better, she would start doing better. It didn’t work. She was fired.

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