Endless Meetings and 5 Shots of Espresso

We always had one day prepared for a lot of meetings. I knew that today was one of those cursed day. I prepared all the things needed and a long loooong sleep the night before. I set my mood and mindset that today is going to be okay. I will pass this day alive.

I challenged myself this morning to not go back to sleep again after a walk (and had a double shot of Espresso). I went for Pokemon-hunting around the neighborhood, wrote a few things that should be done by today, read some articles on Medium, and finished a task from work. After breakfast and another double shot of Espresso, I jumped to the office with a super-caffeine rush and a feeling that my heart was going to explode. I realized that was too much shots between 3 hours.

I felt like a bit hyperactive after those shots, I couldn’t stop talking. I took a lot of risky ideas at work and I wasn’t even afraid. I’ve had several meetings with differrent units before the noon, I might speak harshly which I rarely did. I just let out what I had in mind. Logically, I thought it wasn’t a right thing to do. They did what I said eventually. I learned that to get things done, you gotta be a bitch sometimes.

I took my entire IT team for a lunch meeting, and another shot of Espresso. And another meeting. Not just marathon meetings, but meetings that are done to prepare for meetings, and meetings that are done to prepare for meetings to prepare for meetings. It is a waste of time — it’s what I call a weapon of mass interruption.

I was exhausted by the midday. Apparently, I felt too much energized. My social-battery has drained yet I still took a risk to met a stranger from a dating-app for dinner. It went well, though.
I won it. I reached a maximum point of my social skill level for a week. Mission accomplished yet I’m still alive. My mind won’t let me take a nap. I want build a sand castle. I want to go to Iraq. I want to have sex. I want a Tesla. I want to be skinny. I want to skydive. I want all the things that I couldn’t have.

I can’t hold this urge feeling to do anything else. Left me with a sleep deprivation and a fatigue feeling because of too much caffeine intake today. Too much people as well.

Moral of the story: I should’ve taken Kratom instead.

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