I am a former visual-designer in my early 20s and decided to become a travel-planner slash babysitter for rich and spoiled people, for the sake of traveling around the world. I praise God in universal language, a lot. Therefore, I believe only ONE specified God and the Holy Messenger (لا إله إلا الله محمد رسول الله).

Currently in a love-hate relationship with anything social. I can give you a numerous reasons of why I don’t want to do something that involves social activities and then I can give you the very same amount of how awesome, productive, and interesting it could actually be if my mind was to take me there.

Ironically, as an introvert, I have developed a strong interest in social interactions, observing them, analyzing them, paying attention to the little unimportant at first details and looking for certain patterns.

That was the only way which worked for me to adapt to society by wearing a mask for every occasion and dealing to people I don’t have interest at. Hypocritical, yes; efficient nevertheless.

If you are into Myers-Briggs test, I’m pleased to inform you my character type is INTJ.

I also drink coffee (freshly brewed, black, and it has to be good) like a lot, a contradictory choleric-phlegmatic, nocturnal, rationalist, moviesnob, and some other debatable nouns that would instantly remind you that I am a privileged millenial working in a fashionably well paid industry. If you think I have it easy…

…you’re just wrong!