Wedding Blues Monologue: A Letter to My Bestie

Dear Debby,

Remember the last time you were crying because of an asshole that didn’t even deserve a second of your time? An asshole that we all really hated because you’ve been sucked out into a black hole everytime you guys went out.

Now, he’s gone and good God has given a chance to another man that always became a part of your life because he always been in love you since the day you guys met in high school.

Remember when you were sometimes in a doubt of your man and suddenly your mom got sick a month before your wedding?

Now, don’t ever give that up because that was the way Lord has been testing you to see how far you go for this day to be happened. And you passed it.

Remember when you remind me continously and chose me as one of your bridesmaid just to be here in your wedding?

Now, that’s what a bestie do. I always believe that you guys will go through this day together, because a good girl deserves a good man. You guys nailed it.

You better remember this day because we were all praying for you to be happy when you guys made a once-in-a-lifetime sacred vow.

Now, shed your tears away because your man will always be beside you forever and after.

With love,


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