There are many point of views regarding November the 4th’s case in Indonesia, that happened to be a big issue for many concerned people lately.

A few thinkers have come up with useful ways of thinking about the beliefs we have and the harm they can cause, and what responsibilities go along with having them. Meanwhile, others have argued that we can sometimes hold beliefs without any proof.

We live in a world that could probably use a lot more epistemic responsibility, or at least, more people who understand what it is. Because the world is full of people who hold beliefs without any evidence. And not only that, they encourage others to share their beliefs. That could be dangerous when you spread an idea that might lead to an apocalypse.

Normally, when we talk about responsibility, we’re talking about things that we have to do. Some people have argued that we all have epistemic responsibility, that is responsibility we have regarding our beliefs. What to do with each people’s beliefs and one have to think about the domino effect – especially for others – to keep the world in peace.

When you adopt a belief, you have options. And the nature of those options can basically determine the moral defensibility of the beliefs you end up holding.

– William James


Specifically, he said that the options you face when choosing a belief could be either; live or dead, forced or unforced, and momentous or trivial.

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Endless Meetings and 5 Shots of Espresso

We always had one day prepared for a lot of meetings. I knew that today was one of those cursed day. I prepared all the things needed and a long loooong sleep the night before. I set my mood and mindset that today is going to be okay. I will pass this day alive.

I challenged myself this morning to not go back to sleep again after a walk (and had a double shot of Espresso). I went for Pokemon-hunting around the neighborhood, wrote a few things that should be done by today, read some articles on Medium, and finished a task from work. After breakfast and another double shot of Espresso, I jumped to the office with a super-caffeine rush and a feeling that my heart was going to explode. I realized that was too much shots between 3 hours.

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