Breathless Eyes, Lucy Colored Skies.

Catching smoke, i came up high, and from high (above), everything is seen clearly,
what is truth, society and the whole world’s mother-father (essence) is seen
here, there is very cold breeze…
Let me, stay high high
life seems like a joke, I keep on laughing..
I am lying on grass, keep rolling and burning
the road of life is tough, blow out and keep walking
I came here in taxi, in a 3D dreams waterfall
all the clocks have melted, do everything in slow-motion
in your broken heart, put a joint, the world will be seen as flower-pot,
when climbed the peak of mountain,
I saw Shiva.

Here, there is very cold breeze
Let me stay high, high…

In the ambitions of life, happiness gets lost from life,
when desires create chaos, flush of frustration cleans up..
love, affection, vows, promises, all these are… mere irritants
important is this present moment, all else is worthless (like a shell)