So, this is it.

A 6-months resolution to myself and a promise to a good friend of mine, that:


…No matter for busy or how fucked up my life is.

In other words, I need to keeping track of my days or my journey would be, so I could take lessons learned (like those Medium writers said) and tell my kids that “This is your Mum in the past, making her way through middle-life crisis, and finding your soon-to-be Dad so you guys don’t do the same mistakes like I did.”

Approach carefully if:

  • You are close-minded and cannot accept people with different backgrounds, stories nor past, and reigning your wrath upon them in the name of your lord(s);
  • Your ego would fall through the cracks on the floor when you couldn’t count on people to slap your ass anymore;
  • Your head is about to explode because my messy English/Bahasa writings, posted morally-wrong thoughts, first-hand liberal experiences during my journey, dark jokes and the bitter truths about me that are sometimes socially unacceptable.

Now the introduction is done, I hope that you had gut-trembling or something resembling fun. And if you hated it, that’s just fair.

Either way, you’ve been warned.


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