Send Me Your Location

It was a quiet Sunday. I decided to meet someone I barely knew.

I got off a train to the city and pulled out my phone in the middle of light rain. He sent me his location. Deep inside I was a bit anxious, meeting someone I’ve never met before. I found him in a corner of street coffee shop. He was staring at his laptop and I stood in front of his table for a moment, making sure that was him. He raised his chin and smiled at me. I pulled out my hand as he immediately shook mine. I sat down after I ordered a cup of joe. I lit my cigarettes and the small talks began while he was still doing his script works until he decided to close the laptop then asked me in the eye where I wanted to go.

We eventually went somewhere we’ve never been, for the sake of curiosity and an escapee before start a new week.

We were on a plain empty room. It was all white and I still can heard rainy sound from outside as far as I can remember. He brought me stuff he promised me the night before. We lit and passed the puff to each other. It was one hella good shit. Then we realized that there was not a single window and we need to breathe amongst the thick white cloud. I was choked hard. Suddenly someone knocked the door. It was loud and clear. I was scared and God knows my heart beat faster than ever before. I begged him to get me out from that super scary situation like in a freak movie. He opened the door while I’m hiding in a dark and smaller room inside. That was the most eerie thing in my entire life. The fear of many worst scenarios filled up my head. I thought I’ll be captured, dragged down, beaten up, or perhaps I’ll just go suicide and dead by cutting up my right hand like I saw in an Indian movie where a guy is hiding in the bathroom and the girl he slept with is haunted by regret and shame forever.

Apparently, there was no one in the door and none of fears happened.

He knocked the room I locked from inside and I popped out my pale face and red eyes. I laid my head in the floor. I feel relieved I could feel my heart beats start slowing down. He was laying beside me and closed his eyes. We were listening to bootleg version of a song we both liked;

kadang juga ia takut
tatkala harus
berpapasan di tengah pelariannya
di malam hari

menuju pagi
sedikit cemas
banyak rindunya

That was one memorable part of our first encounter. I almost fell a sleep while he’s reaching out to hug me. It was warm, the hug. I feel like this kinda thing that I needed the most. I can feel the endorphins released out from my brain like an explosion. We felt really good at the moment. I could see the stars in a dark space and could feel that I was floating in a sea. His face was the only thing I remember from that night. I even forgot to asked his real name.

As we enjoying the time slowly passed, it was almost midnight and Tinderella needs to go home before Monday to go back to the reality.



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