The Only Friends Are Right Under Your Nose


She still remembers that day. The day when all hopes were turned into ashes. The last yet most beautiful dusk than she could ever imagined in her youth. Fact that she will lost all her freedom by marrying someone she didn’t love, was the only reason that she would become self-destructive. Even until the pain was all gone and she began to accept her fate.

After years of emotional investment, she walked away from a partner whom she thought she would witness countless of sunsets with — all for valid reasons. She once told her siblings that she had an option to turn his back from a toxic relationship which amounted to a plethora of frustrations, emotional abuse, arguments, and mistrust. She had the dumbest options in her head; it’s either ending her life, or start a new one.

You know how they say it’s hard to take her own advice? For a while, it was, but when she find herself drowning in thoughts of a greener side of the fence, you’d be surprised at how easy it is to choose her own happiness. She chose to leave her partner and stay with her siblings, because she wouldn’t want this happened again to her only friends in the future. Not on her watch.


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