Long Lost Friends in the Wildness of Dagga

There’s something inside me that needs to get released every time I stuck on people’s head. A desire to get out of this hypocritical environment that filled of fake motivational speech but don’t understand how to make it right.


I long for something chill and stress-free. I drink coffee a lot just to make me focus more on my works and a number of herbs to make me sleep better at night. Eventually, I become a vegan when it comes to drugs and drink.

Having heard some good things about Wild Dagga, and the myth that most local dealers here has mixed it up with synthetic bad things, I decided to try it myself when my old friend made a joint. The result was a very pleasant, strong hypnotic buzz that lasted at least an hour, with an energetic afterglow that lasted another hour or so. It was a very good buzz, and I was contentedly ‘glued’ to the couch for a long time. I have tried a lot of so called legal highs that didn’t do anything for me, but this stuff is for real.

I still remember every second of its calming and sedative effects. I feel the music in my veins and laugh at every single thing my friends said. We talked a lot about our dreams and how we used to be some ignorant kids that wanted to change the world. I feel like we were going back the times when we still in college and free even only like 15 minutes high, and I knew it was right at the moment. It made me had a positive vibes and cleared out my mind.

I’m like, thank God for that day. Woke up by friends that remind me of who I was.

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