Faded Dreams on Expectation

I am super logical yet I honestly don’t really know how to cope with unwanted emotion when I felt one.

Suddenly, several of my team members are resigning this week. I’m sad not because that the works are keep getting harder, they’re the only ones that truly care about what they do.  I have nobody to trust in this place beside them. I’m afraid that all those hypocrites will take control. Afraid that I will left behind on their game.

I just can’t afford to lose any more of ’em.

I really hate goodbyes. I really do.

I feel like a failure. I failed leading on a team that leads to everybody’s leaving.

Do I even fit this position? Is this my passion? Do I even care? And many questions that ringing in my head now.

I know it’s lonely on top. I have this issue where I can’t easily trust people.

The dreams, everyone’s dreams. Where is it going?

I hate the system. I hate everyone’s assumption that rotten in their heads.

Where should I ask for an advise about how should I handle all of this?

People told me that I should’ve been grateful. Well, I didn’t ask for this.

Is this what I want?

Now, I’m questioning my life should be.






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