Heads in the Cloud, Butterflies in My Chest

I’m a little upset that you actually did flatter me big time. I’m afraid that if you keep on showing up and actually making my life easier, that I will like it. Well, liking it will lead to relying on it, and by relying on it, I will be less of me I’ve made myself into. But you see.. I’m afraid that if I learn to rely on you, which is the most dependable guy I’ve ever met, then one day, when I really need you to show up, and you won’t. Then I’ll be angry at myself for believing in something I’ve only seen in the movies, something I’ve been in the past, or something that I’m determined to prove that you actually exists. All I need is some space because I don’t really know you either.. we’ve been a couple of good friend and co-worker and mate and stuff.

So, why would I ruin it?

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