An Evening at Tanamera

Have you ever talked with someone new on your favorite place at a very strange time? Well, I have.

It was right before Iftar time, and I already took a seat at my new favorite coffee shop. I asked the barista to bring me a glass of water while waiting for my order to come. And suddenly, someone in their late 20s who just sat right beside my table, asked the barista about the time. So I told him that it was already Maghrib and he replied with a smile, an awkward smile I tried not to care.

“May I use your lighter?”, he asked politely
“Sure.” I passed it to him without even looked into him

He began to open a conversation, asked me where I work, whether I come here often or not, do I like coffee, something blah blah and finally asked me a permission to join me just because he didn’t want to be alone at Iftar.

I did mind a bit at that time, because I didn’t feel like talking to stranger and I wanted to enjoy my quality time after stressed out of the heavy rain and traffic. But my lips suddenly said, “Sure, why not?”

And you know what? It turned out to be a really nice conversation. We talked about ourselves, works, coffees, and our own dreams for the future without even knowing each other’s names. It was strange but it made me feel good about myself, actually. Unexpectedly being able to shared the ideas and stories with someone I just met a moment ago. I felt that we have a lot in common and who knows, maybe a chance to work with in the future. Overall, he seemed like a nice guy. Concerned about his goals, well-educated, and more importantly, he amazed me with his deep knowledge of coffee, the main subject of my final project that I’ve been researched for the last five months.

Finally, about an hour later I decided to go because my friend was already waiting in the different place. I asked his name, he asked me my number, and we just went in our own way right before my eyes. It was very quick and I was like, am I in the movie or something? What the fuck just happened? It was not my first time talking to a stranger in a strange place, but this guy was different and he really made my evening!

When I got home, and writing this piece of shit unconsciously because of too much dose of caffeine beans that I just bought impulsively at Tanamera instead of getting my projects done. Suddenly I’m quietly asking the universe…

Is there any tomorrow for us?

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